Industries & Markets

Retail & FMCG

Forschungsgruppe g/d/p puts the focus on the shopper: his attitudes, expectations and behavior patterns. With this base, it is easy for you to control growth supporting measurements.

Gastronomy & Leisure

The market is shaped by a larger offer variety and growing customer expectations. Profit from our year-long research experience in gastronomy & leisure!

Fairs & Events

Properly positioning fairs & events for visitors and exhibitors has to be the ultimate objective. We can tell you which factors amaze visitors and how to use your budgets more efficiently.

Media & Social

The dynamics of new technology and business models keep the media industry busy. No other industry is currently shaken up as much. Talk to us in order to control your offers in a future-proof way.

Energy, Vehicle & Traffic

The industries automotive, traffic and energy strongly depend on each other and are under heavy pressure. Innovative concepts conquer the market and consumer behavior changes. We can help you discover new paths.

Pharmaceutical & Health

Growing competition as well as health political decision shape the healthcare environment. The patient‘s perspective grows in significance. We can show you how to incorporate customer needs.

Electronics & Telecommunication

Products, services, content, formats and target audiences change rapidly. Predicting trends becomes harder and harder. We can help you notice and pursue changes ahead of time.

Finance & Insurance

New providers, new media, new products – the competition between banks, savings banks, insurers and investment trusts has increased. We can show you how to develop trust enhancing measurements.

Administration & Associations

Associations and public institutions are always torn between their objectives and different interest groups. Topics need to be picked up in time in order to create acceptance with targeted communication.